About the PCCA

Since its founding in 1928, the Penobscot County Conservation Association has worked to preserve our sporting heritage, to support wildlife conservation, and to promote sportsmanship for the common good.

The PCCA, as it has come to be known, continues to serve Penobscot County and has expanded it service far beyond the boundaries of the County. The influence of the club and its members is known State wide and in many areas of our Country and Canada.

We invest in conservation by sponsoring scholarships at the University of Maine and Unity College. In 2010, we celebrated over 50 years of support to the University of Maine. We look forward to continuing our support of students working to become conservation professionals.

We advocate for sound wildlife management and participate at the state and local level to preserve our natural heritage.

A major focus of the PCCA is to expose Maine youth to the traditions of hunting, fishing and outdoor lore, and to provide opportunities for them to participate in outdoor activities. Toward this end we support conservation camps and provide scholarships for youth to attend them, we offer hunter safety instruction, merit badge counseling, youth activity days, and other  youth-oriented functions.

How Do We Fund These Activities?

There are many activities during the year, however, our primary annual events are:
Eastern Maine Sportsmen’s Show - Bangor Gun Show - Hunter’s Breakfast

Some interesting facts about the PCCA

  • We currently give over 25 college scholarships to students of wildlife. 
  • The PCCA sponsors students for a week at a conservation camp.
  • We are managing our Stetson acreage for benefit of wildlife and improving their habitat with the assistance of Grant Funding.
  • We support the American Chestnut Foundation and have planted chestnuts on our lands.
  • We raise money from trust fund income and donations, raffles, the Eastern Maine Sportsmen's Show and Bangor Gun Show
  • We have donated more that $2 million to many deserving organizations as a result of our fund raising efforts.

Additional Facts

  • PCCA was a pioneer in raising turkeys in early attempts to establish this game bird in Maine.
  • PCCA has a stocked fishing pond on our Brewer grounds for youth only (15 and under) to fish.
  • We sponsor a Hunter Safety Course each fall.
  • PCCA has been involved with salmon restoration projects.
  • PCCA owns land in Stetson, Me, where our camp is located. We have an active forestry management program developed for this property and look forward to its development as a Wildlife Management area.
  • Trails on our land in Brewer are used daily by the public.
  • Our members are actively involved with and participate in speaking to wildlife management issues, from licensing and beyond.
We welcome new members and/or your support.